About Me

Who is this Clark Stone?

That is a question that he would like
an answer to as well.

Now, what can I tell you about myself?

I live in the beautiful historic town of Natchitoches, or should I say just outside the city limits.  My parents purchased 10 acres of land in the rural area just west of Natchitoches.

I am a prepublished writer in full length fiction. I have published several newspaper and writing articles as well as a couple of editorial columns.

At times, I love to let my mind loose and release my imagination. Though several people believe that my mind may be too small to go unsupervised and my imagination to wild to let loose from its leash.  (Big Grin)

I try to keep a positive attitude and think happy thoughts. One thing I believe in is that everyone can control their happiness to some extent. Though everyday life tends to get in the way of this happiness, one can keep a positive attitude and look to find ways to turn a bad situation around. There is a lesson to be learned from each and every event no matter how good or bad it is.

I seem to be the happiest when I sit before my computer and type away allowing my thoughts to flow. Since 1984, I wrote on many projects and many are still in the works.

I know this is not enough to tell others about myself but more shall be provided at a future date.


Clark Stone                   

PS: Watch for falling debris. Site still under construction

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I know extra stuff is to go here but at the present time, I do not have any extra stuff to put anywhere. 

More stuff will appear in the future.  Thanks!