Buddy de Bunny

An Easter Horror Short Story

by Clark Stone

Rabbit, am I angry. The cruelty of the act makes me shiver. Just think, yesterday we had so much fun and then they go and do this to me. I'll be the laughing stock. My brothers and sisters, not to mention Jasper and the rest of the guys, will rib me about this for years. Humans can be so cruel.

Well, let me start from the beginning. My name is Buddy, Buddy de Bunny. This is my story of horror and shame.

Against the wishes of my parents, I began to hang around Tommy and Suzie. They are the cutest two humans I have ever seen. But then again, I haven't seen that many humans. They fed us fruit and carrots: my sisters, my brother and me.

We ran and played together. The humans rubbed our heads and made us feel good. No hint of the evil came from the kind humans. Mom had to be wrong about them. They never tried to hurt us.

Yet, mom continued to warn us. I know her favorite story by heart. "Johnny, your older brother, stayed out too late one bright night. He took that shortcut home through that human cemetery. That is when a human struck. BANG! Rabbit stew and good luck charms."

So, I found this toy human's foot to use as my lucky charm. Mom did not think it as funny. Yet, Sunny, Donny, and Bertha did. We rubbed it each time we left the hole.

Yet, this morning, something felt different. Tommy and Suzie acted strange. Instead of my usual petting, they grabbed for me. Then, this hand grabbed me by the nap of my neck. I found it hard to breathe with my heart in my throat. I tried to squeal a warning but could not.

Questions flew through my mind. What his he going to do with me? How could he be so mean? Why am I caged? Images my foot in Bobby's hand as I try to keep my head above this pot of hot water popped into my mind.

He carried me into this building behind his abode. Here, I heard Bertha crying and Suzie screaming for them to bring back Donny. He set my cage down next to Sunny's, but I could not see her.

"I told you we should have listen to mommy, but noooo! Now, Tommy and Suzie will be wearing two lucky charms each and be eating rabbit stew tonight." Sunny yelled. "Just don't sit there, Buddy. How are we going to get out of this mess?"

What could I say? My mind raced, but I could not think. I swallowed but my heart refused to drop out of my throat. Tommy betrayed me, betrayed us. Mom's words haunt me, "BANG! Rabbit stew and good luck charms."

They brought Donny's cage back, but I could not tell if he was still in it. This eerie silence filled the air. Bertha cried even more as they took off Sunny spouting out these horrible words. I didn't think she knew such language. They took Bertha soon afterward.

Sunny's cage came back silent, as did Bertha's. Oh rabbit, the silence was deafening. In desperation, I tried to chew through that cage. I fought darkness and fear from overtaking me when I felt my cage move.

I figured the bath and a massage preceded the cutting and cooking. I hoped they would choke on my bones.

The ritual continued as the humans passed me around the room so that everyone could look at me. They said I looked cute. One said that I looked plump and ready. Then I felt his hand rub my left hind foot. I came close to taking a chunk out of his finger. He can keep the present I left in his lap. I tried to jump twice but they caught me.

Then that night, I found the door of my cage open. After slipping out, I found the other cages empty. My sisters and brother were gone. "BANG! Rabbit stew and good luck charms," echoed in my mind. Oh rabbit, how can I face mom and dad now?

Once at home, I hid in my room. That morning, their cruelty came to light. Dad called for everyone to get up. Then I heard Sunny and Bertha giggling. Happiness filled my heart. They got away.

I rushed out of the hole. There they - Sunny, Donny and Bertha - sat under a tree. Yet, they looked a different. The shade prevented me from figuring out what. Their heads hung low. Mother and father standing before them.

When mom and dad looked my way, I stopped in my tracks. Dad stood on his hind legs with a scowl on his face. Mom fell over in a faint. Sunny and Bertha shrieked, "OH MY!" Donny wouldn't look at me. Oh rabbit, I'm in for it now.

I hopped straight. I felt for my hind left foot. When I looked back, I found out why.

No, my left hind foot remained attached. The best description of Tommy's and Suzie's cruelty can be summed up by what dad said. "Hey, Rainbow. Come join your brother, Purple, and your sisters, Mauve and Green." To my chagrin, I found the following: my left hind foot, purple; left front foot, yellow; my right hind foot, blue; my right front foot, red; and my back, green. Found out later that my head had been dyed orange.

When dad said, "Rainbow," mom rolled onto her back and cackled. Dad lost it as well. He fell over in laugher. Jasper hopped off to tell all the other rabbits. Oh rabbit, how embarrassing. Humans, how could you be so cruel?

Honey de Bunny, no relation, hopped up, giggled and teased, "You look cute, my Rainbow?"

I no longer felt embarrassed. My heart raced but not for fear. It felt great. "My Rainbow," echoed in my ears. She thinks I looked cute. She then nibbled my ear in that special way. You's laughing now, Jasper.

At that moment, I forgave Tommy and Suzie. The colors are starting to fade. Honey and I are now an item.

P.S. As for Jasper, he disappeared with two of his thug buddies one night while playing in that cemetery. "BANG: Rabbit stew and good luck charms."

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